To Hell With This

Whatever is holding you back whether it be a negative person in your life or a person who doesn’t understand you or even your own mind…
I want you to stand with me and to say – to hell with you person, thought or thing I am going to push passed this and progress MASSIVE IMPERFECT ACTION.

If you don’t know where to start just like myself, take a breath and just start anywhere. You could spend your whole life in time wasting it trying to make something perfect to start that business or that project or the office to start…
Make it simple and make a start… I have a list of things I need to do to get my buzz again here it is as an example:
1. Fix my website – issues with domain names
2. Blog x 50 posts as I am so far behind
3. Create new lines for summer/Christmas seasons
4. Product Hunting
5. Product Photos
6. Film something on my YouTube Channel – brain storming, set up, filming
7. Continue with Polaris etc etc etc

I could go on and on…so I decided to make it simple and blog about this struggle and the tips I am going to test and trail to see if I can push past this.
I don’t know about you but my mind is a road block the consistent messages of I’m not good at this, why would people be interested in what I have to say, I’ll never get this going, give up pick up another hobby.. blah blah blah… pushing myself to fail…

Well today I am going to try the following:

1. Tell my brain to SHUT THE F%&* UP WOMAN – TO HELL WITH THAT
2. Concentrate on a task that is simple to do
3. AND DO! Type it, think it, focus on it

I can do this and look its done – Massive Imperfect Action – HellA Yes. Good luck with your attempts today.

Review of Eye Mask or under Eyelid Patches

ARRRRHH me heartie…. bad fathers joke! (Sorry I had the urge to start this post like that just due to the nature of this review related to eyelid patches – haha!)

I don’t know about you but I use to be a girl who loved her beauty sleep however ever since having my number one super star baby life has never been the same. The average night of sleep dropped from 8 hours to now about 5 hours per night. Now after almost 4 years past with a little girl turning 4 this year, it starts to become the norm and the constant dark circles have turned into more like black eyes as the standard look.

Damn Gurrlll  Got to love those black eyes and puffiness!

Damn Gurrlll
Got to love those black eyes and puffiness!

I’ve had enough, I am putting my foot down on these harsh circles and trying attempting to try something new to punch them away from my poor under eyelids!

Eye Masks/Eyelid patches is the answer, after doing a quick search on the good old eBay I came across thousands of brands for VERY reasonable prices and don’t forget the FREE shipping Guurrllll :)

One brand in particular I would like to review in this post is called “Deckout Woman.”  These are a sheet-form transparent mask created and soaked in natural extracts and collagen. This products states that it is 98% more effective then the average masks and absorbs 10 times more to assist with problems such as:

  • Reducing Dark Circles
  • Removes Puffiness
  • Prevents & Refines Aging
  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Re-firming

Picture 002The patches I brought were 5 for $3.00

That has 1 patch per pack – inside the packet is the juices that include the natural extracts as stated in which the eye patch is soaking in.

The instructions are very clear and easy to follow including a small diagram. There are a few warnings that are common for these types of products such as sensitive skin, don’t apply to sun burn or scratches (open wounds)and if feel uncomfortable with product take off and wash area etc…

When reviewing this product I allowed a good 30mins with it on, after clensing I my face initially I applied the patches and could feel a slight cooling sensation which was the collagen at work. No discomfort what so ever… very gentle ease.

Attractive Mumma!

Attractive Mumma!

After the time was up I removed the eye patches and could see a noticeable difference, I was even amazed I asked my partner – “Hun, can you see anything different?”

To which he replied “is this a trick question?” HAHA!

Unfortunately he couldn’t however the fact remains that I felt there was a difference which had me sold!

Giving this a 5 out of 5 – on all fronts below:

  1. Inexpensive
  2. Accessible
  3. Easy to read and follow instructions
  4. Packaging appropriate and not messy!
  5. I could see a clear difference!

Need I say more – very happy – this is a HOT product, and before you ask am I sponsored  the answer is hella no!

Thanks for reading, enjoy!

There is no box

Well what a crazy year for me, myself and I!  I know on the front line it appeared we were quiet and had quite but the truth is we had many life changes occur. Several job changes  and a house move to top it off. We aren’t out of the woods yet with all the […]

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7 step make up application for speedy lite natural make up – Get Ready with me Speedy Style – Every day look at home

A new youtube clip up for an easy 7 step make up application for speedy lite natural make up – Get Ready with me Speedy Style – Every day look at home :) Enjoy!

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Having a bad day? Fashion will cheer you up

Cut out mesh two piece

Sometimes when you fall into a hump in life, you instantly gravitate to the things you enjoy. It may be a hobby, your friends or family. I know for myself I seem to connect with my inner fashion and not on a vain level but I know when I am dressed up in something that […]

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Life update

@ me myself I – we wanted this update to be a personal one. An honest one that is true to the core on so many levels. Behind the name is a person that has been struggling for a number of months with the dark spirit dog of depression some may call this not so […]

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Tip Tuesday – 5th and Last tip for shinny knott free hair

General Daily Hair Care Tips and Tricks for Dry Hair Keeping your hair healthy, shiny, silky, strong and preventing or reducing dryness, takes paying great attention to your daily hair care routine. 1. Avoid harsh shampoos and chemicals that can damage and dry out your hair. 2. Do not shampoo too often. It causes hair […]

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Tip Tuesday – 4th tip for shinny knott free hair

We are back for another Tip this week, so you have had a hard day at work and you want to settle down for a cold one. I don’t mean for drinking. Why not try a treatment using you guess it….BEER! Beer is an excellent hair tonic as it adds body, shine, strength and vitality […]

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Tip Tuesday – 3rd tip for shinny knott free hair

Welcome back to Tip Tuesday for another week and another amazing life changing tip! This is a continuation of the tips I have for Shinny, knot free, hydrated hair home remedies that are cheaper then a hair salon any day… The Mayonnaise Treatment Full-fat mayonnaise is tastey on the old egg sandwich, salad and how […]

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Tip Tuesday – 2nd tip for shinny knott free hair

Sorry, I have been absent lately, my family have passed around the lovely cold/flu like a nice big hug! Not fun but we see the light at the end of the tunnel! Plus I have been trying tick off my You Tube account, check out my channel and please provide support! I am trying to […]

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