There is no box

Well what a crazy year for me, myself and I! 

I know on the front line it appeared we were quiet and had quite but the truth is we had many life changes occur. Several job changes  and a house move to top it off. We aren’t out of the woods yet with all the transitions. 
I’ve taken an attitude that this is another step to success, a step to a more fulfilling stage in our growing family and reaching out goals. 

With all this change going on around me it got me thinking about the way we think and how limiting it can be. My dad (affectionately called old man as a joke from me) is going through a huge transition himself, his long term business partner of 50 years and brother has called it a day and sold up his share of the business. 
My old man naturally in shock dealing with a morning emotion asked me what on earth he should do, how was he going to manage the whole load??!! 

I answered why don’t you look at the business as an opportunity to grow and add other elements outside of the core business. He looked at me like I was mad- I thought to myself what’s wrong with these suggestions I mean anything is possible right? 

My old man has been slogging it out these past 50 with an old school mindset which has indeed made him successful and don’t forget the hard work long days and nights out in the elements. But in times of change he isn’t able to adapt as easy. Why is that?

 If I look at my working history thus far I have to admit I have changed jobs and been flexible were needs arised out of stressful times to get by and make ends meet. 

So why am I limited by a 9 to 5 job slogging it out like my old man when I have proved time and time again I can do things different and maybe quicker to reach my business and personal goals. 

There are other ways and countless ways and if I opened my eyes I can see endless possibilities of success and yes not over night and damn hard work like my old man. But removing that box that limits myself maybe I can have it quicker and be more adaptable to get that freedom I desire. 

Good luck and happy new year in 2015 there is no box…

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Happy March Wor…

Happy March World – Be brave, be bold but at least be something! Life is too short to not be! Enjoy!

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